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Life-Rhythms (2016)

Life-Rhythms is an ongoing film project that aims to explore and collage both visual and aural rhythms together. Although the first version was created in 2015, the footage itself (self-taken) spans 2011 to the present. The material consists of mundane events, surroundings, and sounds, and the film aims to create a beautiful, simple, and nostalgic portrayal of "the everyday". 

In Life-Rhythms, the associations between sound and image are explored, as are the concepts of time, indoor/outdoor space, memory, and archive. Although seemingly nebulous, clips are loosely organized according to color, composition, location, and texture, among others. New clips are occasionally added, and existing clips are often rearranged or sometimes removed in this ongoing film project. The most recent version was completed in May 2016.

Below are some film stills, accompanied by the film: