Hello! My name is Sonya

I'm a character designer currently working in animation. To me, the most amazing part of animation is its ability to stir something powerful in people. My hope is to create characters that people can resonate with, and films that help people self-reflect and connect with one another. 

In 2016, I graduated from MIT where I majored in the Art, Culture, and Technology stream of the Architecture department, culminating in a public art thesis installation involving movable grass triangles. After a brief period working as a UI/UX designer, I decided to pursue my passion of art and animation.

When I'm not creepily sketching people on the train or trying to layer watercolor without re-activating previous layers, you can find me taking dance workshops, snapping pictures of people and things around me, or trying to cook something exciting with eggs.

If you want to work together or chat, please feel free to reach out on any of my social media platforms or send an email my way!